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    Hi there! I’m Lane Becker, formerly of Adaptive Path and Measure Map, and now one of the co-founders of Satisfaction. We started Satisfaction to help companies and customers find better ways to interact. A good company’s customers have always been more than just something to “support,” but historically that’s been the main channel through which they’ve been able to communicate. Now, thanks to the internet, customers have a lot more to say, and smart companies know they need to listen — and even (gasp!) engage. We’re building Satisfaction because we see the possibilities for collaboration between companies and customers expanding like never before, to the benefit of both parties, and we want to create new tools to encourage and foster this activity.

    We’ll use this blog to talk about the evolution of our product from every angle. Not just what we’re building and how we’re building it, but also what we’re seeing out in the world: products that impress us, trends that inspire us, events that interest us, and whatever else catches our eye. We plan to write about articles we’ve read, philosophies we’ve developed, designs we’ve created, plans we’ve hatched, even code we’ve, um, coded — all of this, because we believe that it’s at the intersection of all these things that you find great, world-changing products. Hope you like it!

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    1. Great! Satisfaction sounds like a cool concept. I am eager to hear/see more…

    2. Sounds great! I have recently started something very similar, if you are interested in checking out my progress. I am a solo woman entrepreneur creating her self-funded start-up at the moment, and am writing about my challenges and experiences as I go. Would love your support! http://www.birthofastartup.com

    3. I have been seriously wronged by a major furniture co. They will not honor a lifetime warranty that was purchased by me and continue to ignore my requests for satisfaction. If you are someone that can help me resolve this matter I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer.

      Thank you,
      Scott King

    4. @Scott
      When Satisfaction is up and running it will try and help with the sort of problem you’re experiencing. For now you can submit your story to the Hall of Shame, which just might get the offending company’s attention and get you some satisfaction.

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