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  • Amy Muller

    About Amy Muller

    A veteran of the Internet tech industry who has worn many hats over the years. However, for the last seven years the majority of Amy's focus has been in the realm of Customer Community Strategy, Community Management, Customer Engagement & Relationship Building, Community Education & Training, and content creation.


    1. Good post, Amy. I think a large part of how interactions with companies feel, for lack of a better term, has to do with respect. Was the customer service rep polite? Did they listen to me? Did they give me attitude about my request or problem? I don’t need to be told I am in the right if I am not. However, I do expect to feel like I was heard and that the CSR is moving my issue closer to resolution.

      I am intrigued with Yahoo!’s new Digg style Suggestion Board (I wonder if you guys were involved). While it is under the guise of “Suggestions” it is already being hammered with customer support complaints. I commend Yahoo! for moving in this direction, but I wonder what is going to happen when they start deleting posts (there are already claims this is happening) and flat out ignoring top ranked, non-revenue generating suggestions from loyal customers. I think when a company provides a forum for their customers, be it a phone number or a suggestions bulletin board, it is reasonable for the customers to expect to be both respected and heard.

    2. amy

      Thanks for your thoughts, Shawn. I fully agree with you.

      No we were not involved with the Yahoo! Answers projects. But stay tuned and you’ll see some simliar themes with our upcoming product.

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