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    Confessions of a Cingular Sales Rep

    http://www.consumerist.com/consumer/cingular/7-confessions-of-a-cingular-sales-rep-241953.php 7 Things you should know before your next Cingular Wireless purchase. Subscribe to the Social Studies blog for the tools to unleash the power of customer conversations. Leave Blank:Do Not Change:Your email:
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    My best customer service experience ever.

    Next up, everybody on the Satisfaction team will be sharing their best customer service experience ever, as a way of starting to explore the question of “What is customer satisfaction, anyway?” Here’s mine: December, 1989, New York City. I was 17 and on a drama class field trip to Manhattan to watch a couple plays...
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    Why Customer Service is the New Marketing

    For most companies “marketing” is all the stuff they say to people to make a sale. It’s a practice that involves running prime time TV ads, distributing glossy brochures, even flying planes over stadiums pulling banners just to get us lathered up to buy their wares. Marketing is sexy–they make those funny Super Bowl ads,...
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    Dead Air

    http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D8NVB4T80.htm How would you feel if you woke up from a nap on a transcontinental flight and the flight crew had placed a dead passenger next to you for safe-keeping? It could happen to you: on average, 10 people die on flights every year, creating quite the customer service conundrum. Subscribe to the Social Studies...
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    The Rise of the Apology Industrial Complex?

    Joel Spolsky recently outlined seven steps to “remarkable customer service.” Two of his seven points were about apologizing, nicely summed up in this bit: It’s completely natural to have trouble saying “It’s my fault.” That’s human. But those three words are going to make your angry customers much happier. So you’re going to have to...
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    Demanding Satisfaction at SxSW

    It was a week of mischief and mayhem as Team Satisfaction descended on an unsuspecting Austin for the ballyhooed South by Southwest Interactive conference. It was one part coming out party for Satisfaction, and two parts rest & recuperation after a blistering development schedule that brought us our private alpha release. One of the highlights...
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