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    Get Out the Crunchie Vote: We're Nominated

    The Crunchies. We’re nominated. That’s pretty cool. This is the second year of the Crunchies, an award ceremony that gives big high-fives to start-ups, in particular the most innovative of the Internet start-ups. We found out that we’re nominated in the category of “Best Application or Service”. We’ve got some competition, but I think we’ve...
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    Feedback Widget Improved by User Feedback

    Love your Feedback Widget, folks said. According to Google Analytics, we’re about to surpass 700 installations of that little guy, and it’s only been a few weeks. Awesome. But some people wanted more options: different colors, different placement, different default topic types. Voila. Now, you can place the Feedback Widget on the left or right...
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    Toward More Infinite Karma

    This is the most heartwarming story you’re going to read on this Friday afternoon. Guaranteed. Thank you, Amir and thegreatest for starting the ball rolling with this topic on Get Satisfaction. We’ll see some of you at our big holiday party tonight. For the rest of you: Have a great weekend! Subscribe to the Social...
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    2009: Year of the Feedback?

    It’s that time of year again: Reflecting on what happened this past year and then trying to predict what kind of year we’re all about to have. You’re about to see a whole mess of news stories pop up expounding on these two themes. Around the office, we’re guilty of this, too. But we’re trying...
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    Add Get Satisfaction to Your Movable Type Action Stream

    Action Streams are Movable Type plug-ins that lets you put an activity stream of your various social activities right on your blog. In this way, your blog can truly be a “Weblog,” collecting and detailing what you’re up to on the Internet as your day/week/life progresses. Great idea, huh? Well, now Get Satisfaction can be...
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    Thanking It Up

    Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, mainly because 1) I love salty food, and 2) I don’t actually like holidays. But, I do dig the part about giving thanks. That’s perhaps the healthiest part of this super-sized holiday. In that spirit, I’ve asked some of the folks here at Get Satisfaction to list at...
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