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    Featured Speaker: Gina Bianchini of Ning

    This interview is with Gina Bianchini, the founder and CEO of Ning. At Customer Service is the New Marketing, Gina will be on the Customer Service as Community, Community as Customer Service Panel. I was first exposed to social networking when I started using the web in 1994. I got my first “real” dose of...
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    Apple's Big Brother Problem

    Does Apple censor customer comments? I’ve often wondered. Apple has long been suspected of removing posts that speak negatively about the company, and given their legendary stranglehold of secrecy when it comes to new product development, this kind of censorship may not come as a surprise. But, it should. Censorship like this — especially in...
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    Workshop: Addressing Your Customer Service Challenges

    During lunch at Customer Service is the New Marketing, there will be six workshops that summit attendees can participate in. Each workshop, which will last a half hour, is led by an expert in his or her field and focuses on a different topic. Attendees will have time to participate in two workshops. The third...
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    Fear and Advertising

    Here’s a superb example of someone getting frustrated at not being able to get decent customer service from Symantec — and he pays them for a subscription for this service: “I tried to call the Norton folks, but they don’t make it easy to find the 800 number. To get e-mail help, you have to...
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    Widget Watch

    Get Satisfaction widgets are blossoming. Pownce rolled out a new integration of the Topic Search widget, and it’s a great example of a clean and simple (both very desirable qualities!) way to put Get Satisfaction on a Web site: In case you don’t know, we offer two kinds of widgets. The first is Topic Search....
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    Customer Service = Insurance?

    I hate almost anything that relates to finances. Boring! That probably explains why I’m not freaked out about the stock market’s downward spiral this week; why I nod off when dinner conversation turns to options, commodities, and splits; and why I am still stuck renting a tiny, overpriced apartment in one of the most expensive...
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