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    Video: Michael Murphy, "Virgin's Crown Jewel: Customer Service, across 200 Companies and 29 Countries"

    Michael Murphy, Group Brand Manager for Customer Service for the global Virgin brand, gave a very hip presentation about how Virgin maintains their customer service culture as the company spreads into more and more countries and more and more businesses. Subscribe to the Social Studies blog for the tools to unleash the power of customer...
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    Dopplr by Design

    Dopplr hired a new community design manager, Celia. I know because I read their blog, which is a marvel of beauty and simplicity. Okay, that’s saying a lot for a blog, but it really is nicely done. As she puts it in her first blog post for the company, her job is to “talk to...
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    BusinessWeek Tackles Customer Service

    “Love the Customers Who Hate You.” That’s the title of the lead article in the new issue of BusinessWeek, as part of their “Customer Service Champs” special section. We can definitely get behind that idea. I always chuckle when I hear Thor express something similar around the Get Satisfaction office: “Start a love affair with...
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    On Topic

    The interface you see on Get Satisfaction has undergone a bevy of changes since we started writing the first lines of code. You may not have noticed some of them (that’s good!), but we’ve now entered an especially fruitful time for interface changes. The most recent change just went live, and it’s perhaps our largest...
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    Video: Panel, "Customer Service as Community, Community as Customer Service"

    Our second panel at the Customer Service is the New Marketing Summit was on the topic of “Customer Service as Community, Community as Customer Service,” and featured a bevy of Web luminaries: Tara Hunt of Citizen Agency, Matt Mullenweg of Automattic, Patti Roll of Timbuk2, Gina Bianchini of Ning, and moderated by Brian Oberkirch of...
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    Video: Panel, "Scaling Customer Service"

    At the Customer Service is the New Marketing summit, we had an excellent panel on the subject of “Scaling Customer Service,” with Heather Champ from Flickr, Frederick Mendler from Rackspace, Pratap Penumalli from Google, Ross Mayfield from Socialtext, and moderated by Marc Hedlund of Wesabe. Subscribe to the Social Studies blog for the tools to...
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