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    MyStarbucksIdea.com: A Half-Full Idea

    The big news this past week in Web 2.0 world: Starbucks dipped its toe into the pool where community and customers converge. They launched a new Web site, MyStarbucksIdea. It’s essentially a Dell IdeaStorm clone designed to get feedback from customers. Give us your ideas on how to improve Starbucks, they say. Sounds fairly straightfoward,...
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    "Customer Service at its Finest"

    Last week, I rapped lyrical about how awesome Rackspace’s commitment to customer service seems. This week, I’ve stumbled on the exact opposite: worst customer service ever. The back story: Someone added a company to Get Satisfaction this week and began a conversation designed to warn prospective customers away from an online eyeglass seller. Fair enough....
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    We're #1! Twice!

    We’ve won a couple of awards this week we’re pretty proud of, at two different startup-oriented conferences down in the south bay. On Tuesday, we presented at the Dow Jones Web Ventures 2008 conference, and we just learned we were chosen as one of their top ten startups out of the full list of 70....
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    They Really Liked Us

    Yesterday, we gave a presentation about Get Satisfaction at the Under the Radar conference. It’s a shindig that seeks to identify the trends — and the start-ups riding those trends — that are shaping the online world. This year, the focus of the conference was on “the business of Web apps.” There were a number...
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    Promises, Promises

    Two weeks ago, Rackspace, the San Antonio-based IT hosting provider, announced their Fanatical Support Promise. Sounds like a PR campaign, huh? Only, it’s not. These folks mean it. As they put it: “It’s the no excuses, no exceptions, can-do way of thinking that Rackers [Rackspace employees] bring to work every day. Your complete satisfaction is...
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    SXSW: 10 Texas-Sized Memories

    1. Worst Website Ever: Wired wrote about the Worst Website Ever contest, which we participated in. Although he didn’t win (almost!), Lane’s idea about over-the-top shopping experiences in virtual worlds was pretty damn funny. 2. Judo Moves: Thor gave a spirited talk on how to deal with people who try to impugn your reputation online....
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