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    Netflix Abandons Their Plan to Abandon Profiles

    “We Are Keeping Netflix Profiles”. So reads the title of the e-mail communciation that Netflix users are getting in their e-mail in-boxes today. This is clearly a well-deserved victory for all the Netflix customers who banded together to voice their outrage at the plan to cancel the popular feature, which lets household members set up...
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    Wish List

    Attention companies: Whatcha want? We’re working on our big suite of company tools right now. We’ve got a long list of things to build, and we’re prioritizing that list. Before we get too far into it, though, we’d like to hear what you’d like to see. What kind of data do you want from our...
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    Netflix Follies

    Netflix has suddenly decided to eliminate their very popular “Profiles” feature. Many families use this feature to set up separate profiles for each family member. It’s a convenient way for each person in a household to set up their own DVD queue. By many people’s estimation, it’s the one thing that sets Netflix apart from...
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    Harnessing the Power of Hate

    You’ve all seen the “I Hate” Web sites out there, right? I Hate Microsoft, Wal-Mart Blows, I Hate Starbucks? They’re all fun for, like, ten seconds. Once you realize that their cries for retail justice are essentially occurring in a vacuum, with no engagement or even acknowledgement by the companies being hated, you move on....
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    Sucking It Up

    “Great product, customer service sucks! Sucks! SUCKS!” How’d you like to stumble upon a conversation about your company that reads like that? That’s how some company representatives learn about Get Satisfaction. While searching for info about their products online, they see a big complainer. Sometimes, you just can’t resist clicking through to read a good...
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