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    Trafficking in Complaints

    This week, Twitter got a big boost in traffic to its Web site from an ABC News Story that showed how an everyday consumer got help from Comcast’s Frank Eliason on Twitter (we’ve written about similar things on this blog in the past). I’ve gone ahead and coined a silly phrase for this kind of...
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    New Feature: Image Uploads

    Computers are complicated. So is software. User interface glitches, buttons that don’t work, menus that are misleading — all of that is hard to explain with mere words when you are trying to get help from a company. Sometimes, it’s just easier to show them what you’re seeing on your screen. It’s easier for both...
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    iPhone 2: The Sequel with the Bad Opening Day

    Product demand is great, isn’t it? When people are lining up to buy what you have to sell, that must feel exceptionally fulfilling. Unless the product you’re selling isn’t quite working. Apple, a giant in most customers’ eyes, is currently taking a very big misstep with the release of their new iPhone and iPhone 2.0...
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    Redesign! New Company Home Page

    The development rolls on at Get Satisfaction. This time, we’ve updated the company home page. If you’ve got a problem with a company, that’s where you’ll likely end up: on that company’s Get Satisfaction home page. So what will you do when you get there? Previously, the page was focused on exploration. We wanted you...
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    Blog Envy

    Every once in a while, I read a blog post that really gets it right. When that happens, I feel compelled to share it with people. I don’t do that very often because I hate blogs that do nothing but point people to other blogs. But, this one is worth it. [Full disclosure: We’re mentioned,...
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    Targeting the Companies

    How do you encourage companies that are hesitant to participate on Get Satisfaction? We’ve got a lot of theories on that. I won’t go into all of them, but there are some companies — often larger companies with an entrenched beauracracy, for example — who don’t participate on our site. They may simply not know...
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