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    Ubiquity: Mozilla's New Idea Creates New Ideas

    Who’s ready for some mash-ups? Mozilla has released Ubiquity. It’s an experiment in allowing (as Mozilla says on their site) “everyone–not just Web developers–to remix the Web so it fits their needs, no matter what page they are on, or what they are doing.” The idea is to marry a command-line interface with your browser,...
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    We're Hiring

    Attention people of the Earth: We seek a Ruby developer. If you follow this blog, or have spent time on our Web site, you are surely aware of what we’re up to: building a complex, large-scale, consumer-focused Web service that’s well thought out — and as elegant as we can possibly make it. If you’re...
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    Building a service-focused culture

    Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, describes how he created one of the largest retailers on the Web by reimagining the role of customer service, with a particular focus on culture and values. Subscribe to the Social Studies blog for the tools to unleash the power of customer conversations. Leave Blank:Do Not Change:Your email:
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    On the road again: Upcoming appearances from the Get Satisfaction team.

    We’ve been hunkered down working on our site here at the Satisfactory for the last couple of months, but the Fall conference season is now upon us so we’re planning to get out a bit more. We’ve got a number of events we’ll be speaking at and/or attending over the coming months. Hope you can...
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    I Love / Hate / Want to Rate You

    What motivates an organization to become truly focused on improving their products and services for their customers? How about word of mouth? How about word-of-mouth squared? I don’t know about you, but I rely on word-of-mouth observations nearly every single day, whether it’s asking a co-worker what they think of a local restaurant (which I...
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    Microsoft Live Labs Launches Photosynth

    Microsoft got innovative yesterday — and everyone showed up to see it. Microsoft Live Labs, the group of folks who work intently at creating innovative Internet products for Microsoft, released Photosynth, the amazingly cool service that lets you take a stack of photos of a place and turn it into a 3-D model you can...
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