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    New Topic Type: The Company Update

    Hey you, company employee who uses Get Satisfaction to communicate with your customers. This one’s for you. We’ve created a new topic type: Company Update. For all those times when you need to get a message out to your customers… For all those service outages you need to announce… For all those instances when you...
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    Spread the Love with Our Praise

    Got a complaint? We’ve got you covered. Got something nice to say about a company? Let’s get that covered, too. In our attempt to elicit ever-more-productive outcomes, we’ve come to a conclusion: Our “Discussion” topic type doesn’t usually go very far. Discussions are great, and we love the kind of creative, fun, and interesting conversations...
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    Our Feedback Widget: Everywhere You Need It

    Who’s open to a little feedback? Just about every company says they are. “We value your feedback” is a phrase you often see at the top of a Web page that’s designed to be the place where customers are encouraged to talk back. And many companies mean it. But it’s not always easy to find...
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    The Zoo: Connecting with Customers During Tough Times

    What’s your opinion of the San Francisco Zoo? What would change that? Thor, our CEO and big thinker, went with his family to visit the San Francisco Zoo this past weekend. The San Francisco Zoo, of course, is the place where a tiger got loose and attacked and killed someone last Christmas day. It was...
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    Rhetorical Question, FTW

    This caught my eye (or rather, my ear), so I’m sharing. It’s about companies participating on social networking sites, whether that means public relations, customer support, or any other wing of an organization. It’s a very, very short video, and I’ve pulled out the best part, which I highly encourage you to steal, spread, and...
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    Testimonial: Entrepreneurs Get Satisfaction, Too!

    Recently, I had the chance to chat with Seth Kenvin, CEO of Market 7, a San Francisco-based company that streamlines the video production process through online collaboration. We talked about what it’s like leading the creation of a new business model while simultaneously iterating on your product — all the while getting feedback from some...
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