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    Hulu vs. Boxee?

    Hulu just announced that they will be Boxee announcing that they were pulling content from TV.com. As you may know, we’re huge fans of Boxee here at Get Satisfaction. Heck, it seems almost everyone is. We held a Boxee meetup a few weeks ago, which was massively successful. The funny thing is that we’re also...
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    Big News: We've Got Ourselves a New CEO

    We’ve got some exciting news here at the Satisfactory. Beginning today we have ourselves an amazing new CEO, the incomparable Wendy Lea. After over two years of building a product and company with broad adoption (over 12000 companies and 1.5 million monthly customers!), we’ve reached a major inflection point as we roll out the value-packed...
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    The Get Satisfaction Mac Application

    You know what would be really cool? A Get Satisfaction application for the Mac. A while back, this guy had the same idea: Lane saw that tweet on Twitter. Using our Overheard feature, which helps companies reach out to people who are saying things about them on Twitter, Lane turned that tweet into an idea...
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    Big Boxee Confab Concludes

    Last night, well over a hundred people trekked into the Satisfactory to talk about Boxee, the cool new piece of software that helps you get streaming tee-vee onto your real TV (among other things). It seems nearly everyone is excited about the promise and potential of Boxee, not the least among them Get Satisfaction employees....
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