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    Upcoming Q&A Webcast Needs One Final Touch: Qs from You

    Our third Webcast was fun stuff. Amy did a great job of pointing out the different kinds of archetypes that populate customer communities. You can watch it here if you’re interested. Ready for one more? Next Wednesday we’ll wrap up our four-part Community Webcast Series with an interview: “How We Manage It: A Q&A Conversation...
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    Webcast: Who are the People in Your Neighborhood: Archetypes of Community Participation and How to Engage with Them

    The Community Webcast series rolls on. We’re ready for the third installment. It’s tomorrow morning. “Who are the People in Your Neighborhood: Archetypes of Community Participation and How to Engage with Them” puts a psychological — and medieval — bent on community participation. What types of people show up on community-rich sites like Get Satisfaction?...
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    We're Hiring. Again!

    A while back, we sought out and found a really awesome developer with a funny name: Bernd (I should talk, right?). He’s even funnier and more awesome than we had first predicted. Now, we need another one. You don’t have to be funny, but you do have to be awesome. And, you’ll need to be...
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    Help us review a new page design!

    One of the projects we’re working on is a new version of the community overview page for each organization, and today I’d like to invite you to take a look at a draft design and give us any feedback that you think would help us improve it. But first, let me fill you in on...
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    Get Satisfaction 101

    A lot has happened since we launched Get Satisfaction in September 2007, but one thing that has remained remarkably steadfast is our vision. In fact, we’re always amazed when we look back at design sketches from the early brainstorming days at how much of our product and philosophy was clear to us then. Over the...
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    Webcast #2: Tomorrow. Open-Source Versions of Webcast #1: Available Now.

    Webcast #1? It was awesome. Amy did a great job. You can watch it here. Want a copy of the actual presentation we used, with notes? We’ve added it to SlideShare. Spread the word, share the slides, and let’s get some open-source community management content out there on the Internet. All we ask is that...
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