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    IMHO Alert: 5 Things I Took Away from BlogWell

    I went to the BlogWell conference last week, hosted by GasPedal. Interesting stuff. Five things stood out to me: 1. “Social media” is growing, and fast. Most companies now “get it.” They understand the need to do more than just have a blog and a Facebook page. They have to actually get out there and...
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    Zendesk + Get Satisfaction Meet-up Wednesday

    Zendesk, our favorite trouble-ticket system, is having a meet-up on Wednesday, July 1, from 6-8 p.m. That’s in San Francisco, at Brick House, just around the corner from South Park. We’ll be there to welcome the Zendesk team from their travel from Boston to visit the Bay Area. If you’re not aware yet, we’ve integrated...
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    Social Media Club

    The first rule of Social Media Club is you must talk about Social Media Club. It’s kind of what it’s all about. So, let’s chat. Social Media Club is a whole bunch of media-savvy types who gather together to talk about just about everything related to online media. If you’re into communicating and collaborating and...
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    Attend BlogWell for Free

    Tomorrow is the BlogWell conference. It’s in the afternoon, from 1-5 p.m. Looks like it’s tightly scheduled so no one will be stuck listening to stuff they aren’t interested in. I like that. Interested in going? For free? The fine folks at GasPedal gave me an extra registration code, and I would like to pass...
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    Talking Social Media with Big Brands at the BlogWell Conference

    One of my absolute favorite bloggers is Andy Sernovitz. His Damn! I Wish I’d Thought of That! blog is a gold mine of usable advice about customer service, word-of-mouth marketing, and how companies should act and participate online. His blog posts are short and to the point, and he’s not there to sell you something....
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    Amy & Eric at the Online Community Unconference

    Amy and I will be attending the Online Community Unconference 2009 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View tomorrow. If you’re not familiar with an “unconference,” maybe it’s time to get acquainted. The idea is to create a short, targeted event that cuts out all the superfluous — and expensive — parts of a...
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