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    Here is what I love about Get Satisfaction customers: We went live with our big Get Satisfaction 2.0 release (huzzah!), and tons of people weighed in with feedback. Feedback ran the gamut from, “I love you more than words can say!” to, “I wish you had never been born.” Oh, wait. Scratch that. That was...
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    Get Satisfaction, By Example

    “I am enquiring about the Get Satisfaction product, as I am about to go live with a new Web site. Is someone able to call me, e-mail a sample, or give me a Web site of someone using GS so that I can get a better handle on the product?” — From an email I...
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    Maintenance in progress: Big updates coming

    We are excited to announce that as of 2:48am Pacific Standard Time, we are wrapping up the biggest release of our software since we launched 20 months ago. As part of this, we’ve completed a significant upgrade to our server operations to provide all of our users a more reliable performance. We’d hoped to avoid...
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    Taking the Trouble Out of Trouble Tickets: Our New Partnership with Zendesk

    After we started Get Satisfaction and got it rolling along at a steady pace, we knew we would have to, at some point, make a decision about tickets. Should we build a ticketing system into Get Satisfaction? We knew that some of our customers wanted that kind of functionality. Some of them specifically asked for...
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