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  • Taking the Trouble Out of Trouble Tickets: Our New Partnership with Zendesk

    After we started Get Satisfaction and got it rolling along at a steady pace, we knew we would have to, at some point, make a decision about tickets. Should we build a ticketing system into Get Satisfaction? We knew that some of our customers wanted that kind of functionality. Some of them specifically asked for it.

    Some people refer to this kind of ticketing system as “trouble tickets,” and when you define them that way, they can feel like a necessary evil of customer support. Ticketing systems are an enormously helpful way for a company to prioritize support issues, but for customers it can be frustrating to report a problem and then be given a really long string of numbers and letters as proof that you’ve submitted your problem. What happens then? If companies do the follow-up steps of ticketing poorly, they end up making customers feel like they’ve been incarcerated in a help pen with no information to go on.

    We discussed the importance (necessity?) of ticketing systems a lot in the early days of Get Satisfaction, and we all seemed to agree that we weren’t sure we wanted to tackle that kind of project, for a few important reasons. Although it would be a healthy challenge for us (we’re always up for a challenge!), one reason we didn’t want to build a ticketing system is that it would have taken us away from what we were already building. A no-less-compelling reason is that we already felt like someone had tackled this problem- and beat it soundly: Zendesk.

    All of that (very stimulating) conversation we had about ticketing systems — what we liked, what we hated, what we saw that others had done well and poorly — all of it helped us to focus and subsequently magnify what we wanted Get Satisfaction to be. What we aim to do is tie a company’s multiple support systems together and provide a friendly front door for customers to enter and friendly communities where they can interact with organizations. Or, in other words, a social CRM. So instead of trying to build a ticketing system ourselves, we made friends with the Zendesk folks. We were already big fans of their design aesthetic, and it didn’t take us long to become even bigger fans of their development savvy.

    After working with them over the past few months to integrate Zendesk with Get Satisfaction and doing beta testing with a select group of companies, we’re happy to officially announce our partnership with Zendesk.

    We’re thrilled to be offering another great way for companies to give better customer service. We’ve incorporated Zendesk directly into Get Satisfaction, so if your company needs a ticketing system for bug-tracking or just general support that needs to track tickets, you might be extremely interested in incorporating it. I’ve been using it as part of the beta program, and I love it. It works great, and I can already see that it makes my work much more efficient. Plus, it’s really easy to use. (And waaaay better than other systems I’ve tried before.)

    We’ll have more information next week on how you can turn on the new Zendesk integration in your Get Satisfaction community, but for now, please join us in raising your trumpet (and champagne glass — while clapping!) and sounding off a welcoming blast to the fine folks at Zendesk.

    We’re ready to achieve help-desk Zen. I hope you are, too.

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    1. Wow, that’s really great news! Can’t wait to play with this. Keep up the great work you guys!


    2. hello! that sounds great. I’m trying to setup a get satisfaction account for a public administration authority here in italy, do you have some PAs already running on GetSatisfaction that I can see? thanx! :)

    3. I think your use of Zendesk is such an improvement over even the biggest names doing it themselves. Great move guys. Even so I think a key part of customer satisfaction is keeping the client with the same CS agent. How frustrating is it trying to re-explain 3-4 times a problem which should’nt have occurred in the first place.

      And if your offices ever get gargantuan big, I’d like it if you choose to use a few of my prints.

      Success to Get Satisfaction

    4. Sounds great! But if they are to praise, why don’t you link them even once, so that one has to google their company?
      Some things are so basic. :)

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