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  • Get Satisfaction & Salesforce.com: Integration in the Cloud

    Companies can now integrate social communities on Get Satisfaction with Service Cloud 2 via salesforce.com’s AppExchange to provide superior customer service and join customer conversations everywhere they take place

    San Francisco – January 8, 2009 — Get Satisfaction today announced the availability of Get Satisfaction Integration on salesforce.com’s AppExchange. With the Get Satisfaction Integration app, customers can combine social conversations taking place in Get Satisfaction communities with CRM information available in salesforce.com’s Service Cloud to track service cases, capture social knowledge, and get complete visibility into every customer conversation.

    Built using the Force.com platform, the Get Satisfaction Integration app is immediately available for test drive and deployment on the AppExchange at http://www.salesforce.com/appexchange/.

    “More and more companies are looking to the future of customer support, and they’re finding it on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Get Satisfaction,” said Wendy Lea, CEO, Get Satisfaction. “With our new integration app, salesforce.com customers can utilize one of their most familiar and useful solutions — their Service Cloud 2 deployment — to connect their support efforts with a Get Satisfaction customer community and create a complete social experience.”

    CustomWare, an integrator of collaborative technologies for enterprises, worked extensively with Get Satisfaction to help develop and streamline the application. Included is the ability to import, search, filter, and track crowdsourced customer support issues from Get Satisfaction with the CRM and workflow tools available in Service Cloud 2. With this integrated application, companies can encourage customer-to-customer interaction for problem solving, while at the same time respond to critical customer support issues in a high-touch, transparent way. Plus, the data collected via the Get Satisfaction community can be integrated into the more comprehensive database of customer records that live inside Service Cloud 2, providing companies with a way to identify and track leads generated through customer interaction.

    “With Service Cloud 2, salesforce.com is helping companies deliver outstanding service everywhere there customers turn, from the call center to the social Web,” said Kendall Collins, chief marketing officer, salesforce.com. ” Now with the addition of Get Satisfaction Integration to the AppExchange, companies now have even more places to turn to improve their customer support and embrace the new, social way of interacting with communities of customers.”

    The application is available today for free download and demonstration for all of salesforce.com’s Service Cloud 2 customers.

    About Get Satisfaction

    Get Satisfaction is revolutionizing customer service by applying the principles of crowdsourcing and community to the customer-service experience. Companies who use the Get Satisfaction social CRM platform significantly reduce support costs while increasing customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. How? By providing an authentic, engaged, and thriving customer support community. Join the conversation at http://getsatisfaction.com

    About the Force.com Platform and AppExchange

    Force.com is the only proven enterprise platform for building and running business applications in the cloud. The Force.com platform powers the Salesforce CRM (http://www.salesforce.com/) applications with more than 800 ISV partner applications like those from FinancialForce.com and Fujitsu, and more than 135,000 custom applications used by salesforce.com’s 67,900 customers such as Japan Post, Kaiser Permanente, KONE and Sprint Nextel. Applications built on the Force.com platform can be easily distributed to the entire cloud computing community through the salesforce.com AppExchange marketplace at http://www.salesforce.com/appexchange/.

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