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    Community College: now in session

    Get Satisfaction presents: Community College. ========== Class is in session! Ever wondered “I’ve got this community of customers…now what?”  We want to help. We know community better than anyone, so set yourself up with our free webcast series on how to grow, build, and curate a thriving community online. Our (free!) 4-part course in how...
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    Get Satisfaction + Facebook = The Power of Like.

    We’re so excited about this one: Get Satisfaction + Facebook. Our super-slick new Facebook app knits your Get Satisfaction community seamlessly on your Facebook fan page. Adding social support to the wall is a whole new dimension of how to extend your customer community in a smart, scalable way. We know that Facebook is where...
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    When spammers attack

    Once in a great while a volcano will blow unexpectedly somewhere in the North Atlantic and shut down air travel for an entire continent. It’s not that airlines and airports don’t have detailed contingency plans, but it takes painful hours and days to communicate with the masses, re-route flights, organize travelers and get the machinery...
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    Introducing The Get Satisfaction Facebook Tab

    Social support: your Get Satisfaction community on your company’s Facebook Fan Page. Subscribe to the Social Studies blog for the tools to unleash the power of customer conversations. Leave Blank:Do Not Change:Your email:
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    Community Tip – Moderation Tools & Community Guidelines

    I’ve seen a lot of really successful communities on Get Satisfaction, and the first question I get from other community managers is almost always centered around how to scale successfully for more and more customers to come in and talk with each other. Our moderation tools have been invaluable to me as a community manager....
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    Work Like The Network: Six Ways Organizations are Fundamentally Reorganizing Since the Advent of the Internet

    One of my favorite explanations of why Get Satisfaction does what we do from one of our co-founders, Lane Becker. Work Like the Network: Six Ways Organizations are Fundamentally Reorganizing Since the Advent of the Internet Work like the Network for MX 2010 “Businesses can only see explosive success in the networked economy if they...
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