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    1. Nice Post. And absolutely true. I’ve had years of customer service experience (both online and real world) and found that patience, good listening skills and the ability to remain level-headed under pressure can turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. A well managed interaction can leave the customer feeling better about your company than they did before something went wrong. Placing blame, losing your cool, or dodging responsibility just makes things worse.

    2. great tactical and strategic ideas as always
      please bundle all these tactics and strategies into a PDF and sell it on MagCloud, I would like to buy it, seriously!

    3. quite cool strategy.:)

    4. Great post, that is such a useful article from the times, It is something I have forwarded to all my staff regardless of whether they are in a client facing roll or not, it is a simply a way a professional should act.

      • I totally agree. It’s been something I’ve said over and over again — my experience working in a restaurant was one of the keys ways I learned how to not be flustered by community interactions, both online and off.

    5. Great concepts to remember in any customer engagment opportunity. Thanks

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