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    How Mogo Transformed Short-Term Lending with Their Customer Community

    Lots of companies are using Get Satisfaction customer communities to improve resolution time for customer support inquiries. What would you say if you went from 60% of customer support calls being resolved on the first call to 98%? And their implementation time? A matter of weeks. We said ‘holy cow!’ and interviewed short-term lending company...
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    Have All of Your People Talk to My People

    Congratulations. Everyone in your company is now in marketing, sales and service. They may not reside in any of those three departments and they may lack in specialized skills, but they can create a bridge of trust which is smart marketing. I recently wrote a white paper called The Digital Buyer. The document posits that...
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    The Red Velvet Rope Policy

    Eliminate the crazy customers.
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    Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

    More and more users browse via mobile device. Prepare your site.
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    Infographic: Why Does Gen Y Buy?

    Reaching out to the $20 billlion Gen Y market.
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    Love Your Customer (With Metrics)

    Going beyond hits and clicks for true Community Health.
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