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  • Infographic: Customer Relations Fiascos

    From pizzas to pills, here’s the worst customer service disasters. Yet.

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    Azita M

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    1. Just came across this post now.

      Funny, since last week the Portuguese web was on fire with a customer relations fiasco.

      In short: A customer (@jonasnuts) documented her struggle with a store (www.Ensitel.pt) to return a broken mobile phone on her blog. The store, after 2 years, sent her a legal demand to remove her posts. She wrote another post saying that she had been asked to remove them, which she wouldn’t. The community went berserk… tweeting, facebooking against the movement, they turned onto the store’s facebook page. They wrote 2x statements saying they wouldn’t allow defamatory movements online. People started mirroring the posts, just like Wikileaks, and then, after the blogger started receiving donations to finance her legal struggle, the store removed the complaint and made a statement apologising and promising more awareness to the online world.

      Nice story, eh?

      Long version, start here:

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