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  • Infographic: Social Gaming By The Numbers

    As the Game Developers Conference gets underway here in San Francisco, we thought we’d take a look at how the social gaming juggernaut is shaping the gaming and entertainment industries. Click for large version:

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    Wendy Lea

    About Wendy Lea

    Wendy Lea is the CEO of Get Satisfaction. Wendy currently serves as an angel investor, strategic advisor and board member for a long list of startup companies. Wendy chairs the board for women’s entrepreneur group Watermark and serves on the board of Silicon Valley Social Venture Capital (SV2.org) and Corporate Visions. She has been recognized as a Top 100 Woman of Influence in Silicon Valley and was awarded the Watermark’s “Woman Who Made Her Mark” award.


    1. Just a note that this char, seems to also be a visual representation of, from left, to right, to bottom: a diagram of my colon, the results of my colon, and the pills I may or may not be hiding up in my colon.

    2. Social Gaming has really taken on a life of it’s own and really opened the doors to new technology and given so many people something to do than checking their email or facebook. Social Gaming is only going to get bigger and I hope to see some amazing games come out in the near future from what we have already.

      CityVille And FarmVille are amazing games that I feel really help jumpstart the Social Gaming Industry because of the amount of users and how many people really are playing these games as i’m writing this. So Social Gaming is going to be one day soon be bigger than the gaming industry on a whole and open big names like Microsoft and other gaming companies to put something out.

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