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  • Infographic: The Price of Bad Customer Service

    In past infographics we’ve explored the fastest ways to lose customers and even the elements of good customer service. Today we take a look at the impact of bad customer service on your bottom line. (click below for big, readable version)



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    Azita M

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    Data-driven marketing executive with strong product marketing background. Proven track record in creating compelling brands, defining go-to-market strategies, and significantly increasing brand awareness and PR Buzz.


    1. Indeed, hell hath no fury like a customer scorned. If you keep your customers happy, then they’ll keep coming back to you. If not, then they’ll look for other options. Poor customer service is one surefire way to lose good clients.

    2. These results are largely in line with a recent Accenture survey that found that despite a decline in switching behavior compared to previous years, still two thirds of consumers switched providers in the past year due to poor customer service. See full results here –> http://bit.ly/e0f9cF

    3. It looks as if the business lost were counted as an absolute – actually it’ll typically just go to a competitor, so not much impact to the overall economy.

    4. The customer is indeed always right. The way you present yourself to your customers can make or break your business. If your customers are not satisfied with YOUR service then you can kiss THEIR service goodbye! If you provide good customer service they will more than likely keep coming back and there’s nothing like having loyal customers.

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