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  • Infographic: The History of Networks

    Remember rotary phones? Still know that morse code from Scouts? Superhighway on-ramps to a series of tubes! DARPA to Derp! Gophers Winsocking Pine to read Usenet! This is the history of the network: (Click for full-size)

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    1. amazing post really it is imazing

      im studing networks
      in the biggening it is helpful to me

      thnx andy

    2. You are tempted to forget it, but we live in such an amazing time. Don’t we all remember our first telephone and first pc? I mean I’m only 28 and the growth is so amazing. thanks for the funny post!

    3. Haha it’s so funny to see how things develope! These days everything goes faster and faster. I don’t think anyone can keep up with everything and i’m guessing the Nano Technology will explode in a while. What the world is gonno look like from then… thats a even greater question!

    4. Ye this is just plain funny. The devolopment is skyrocketing. What the world looks like in 10, 20 100 years. Wow, we’ll see where it goes! :-)

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