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  • Brands That Do Customer Service the Right Way

    We’ve looked at the price of bad customer service, customer relations fiascoes, the fastest ways to lose customers and even what makes good customer service. Temkin asked 6,000 US consumers to rate their interactions with different brands and how they feel about their favorite (and least favorite) companies. Amazon at the top (again!).

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    Azita M

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    Data-driven marketing executive with strong product marketing background. Proven track record in creating compelling brands, defining go-to-market strategies, and significantly increasing brand awareness and PR Buzz.


    1. Great post. Good to know amazon still rocks, always had great service.

    2. It surprises me that Amazon ranks first, since its relies on selling stuff through the internet. Oh well, i dont have experience with it, since im from the Netherlands

    3. very useful information for our bussines, thx

    4. Altough Amazon is on top (excellent service) Kolh’s not that far away. Some people might even say that kolh’s will rise above amazon! Anyhow these are only speculations people…

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