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  • Infographic: The Potential of Big Data

    Too much information! ‘Big data’ refers to sets of data whose size surpasses that of what data storage tools can typically handle. As the amount of digital data grows exponentially each year, big data has the potential to become the next frontier for innovation, competition and profit. (click below for the big-ass version)

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    Azita M

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    Data-driven marketing executive with strong product marketing background. Proven track record in creating compelling brands, defining go-to-market strategies, and significantly increasing brand awareness and PR Buzz.


    1. From the pic – what the hell is a “petrabyte”?

    2. Thank you very much for making the circles proportional by area, not diameter.

    3. Big data is big business. Think of the data stored by Amazon, iTunes, Medical Research, Hospitals, Office 365, Google Apps, etc – there will only be a bigger need as more activities move to the cloud. Some of the companies enabling the storage and access include Amazon (S3), Isilon, Salesforce (we store lots of data in their cloud as a CRM), etc.

    4. Big data, more data. Everything is going by the computer. It is growing every day so we need more space. I think we are still in the first fase and it will go on and on.

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