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    Introducing Our Newest Partner… MePlease!

    We launched another fantastic integration today: Reach and Reward! Here’s the scoop from our partner MePlease: MePlease and Get Satisfaction‘s joint product, Reach and Reward,  connects a brand’s customer to a Get Satisfaction powered FAQ page and also gives them the opportunity to ‘Like’ the brand on Facebook. As soon as the customer ‘Likes’ the brand a...
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    Infographic: Customer Service In A Tight Economy

    Earlier this year, financial services giant American Express conducted a ‘Global Customer Service Barometer’ survey of the US and nine other countries in order to analyze attitudes toward customer service in a transforming economic landscape. What they ultimately found is that businesses are failing to satisfy their customers. Let’s explore why there’s a disconnect and what businesses...
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    Microfinancier MicroPlace Puts Community to Work to Fight Global Poverty

    MicroPlace’s mission is to help finance the fight against global poverty – inspiring individuals to invest in the world’s working poor so their investment portfolios can make a positive difference in the world. Investors who come to the MicroPlace website can start investing with as little as $20. Once they’ve invested, they can earn quarterly...
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    Love Travels

    It’s Friday, and that’s a great day. Know what else is a great day? Every single day that we get to work with you. Huge massive thanks to http://www.mylovetravels.com. Video created by Krystyl Baldwin (@krystyl). Song by Tim McMorris (@TimMcMorris). Subscribe to the Social Studies blog for the tools to unleash the power of customer conversations. Leave...
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    The Age of the Customer

    Forrester has just released an independent report on competitive strategy in the age of the customer. Excerpt: “Empowered customers are disrupting every industry; competitive barriers like manufacturing strength, distribution power, and information mastery can’t save you. In this age of the customer, the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge of and engagement with customers. The...
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