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  • Infographic: How Brands Reward Loyalty

    Faithful customers not only stay loyal to a brand, they will also steer future business in the right direction. How does a brand thank such an individual? Let’s take a look at how companies value their most treasured customers, and how they can improve their rewards programs to benefit both parties with our latest infographic:

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    Azita M

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    Data-driven marketing executive with strong product marketing background. Proven track record in creating compelling brands, defining go-to-market strategies, and significantly increasing brand awareness and PR Buzz.


    1. They shouldn’t have to reward loyalty, It should be all about the product/service quality. Oh well. Charlene

    2. Although I do agree with Charlene, this can be seen as an added bonus or extra if you ask me. This can definately support the customer trust and the relationship. Thanks for the post! Greetz, Forlan

    3. So 75% of the respondents do have a discountcard? In Holland maybe 40% do have a card. A friend of me told me in Asia the people don’t have such cards, because in their opinion you look poor when you use that kind of cards.

    4. Offcourse you have to reward loyality! That’s how it go’s and that’s how you make customers even more loyal. When you reward them, you give them the feeling they mean a loth to you. Mostly when you give a customer something, they feel like giving something back.

    5. @Charlene When your product and service quality is good, it’s allready some kind of reward. But, when you just give your customers just that little extra, they will even love you more!

    6. I agree whit masterqq! When you give that extra you make them feel special, and thats what its all about, right??

    7. These days you really have to oversell your product to stand out. By rewarding the customer you take that extra step that will make a difference between a mediocre product and a really succesfull product.

    8. @mastergg that’s entirely truth. Treat the customer is the king and you will benefit of it in the future. Customerrelationship management is one of the biggest underestimated tools to succes!

    9. The days that it was all about the product/service are long gone. With the fierce competition these days you have to oversell your product by rewarding your costumers to really stand out.

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