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  • Fresh From The Satisfactory: Introducing Multiple Language Support

    One of our most-requested features is now live and ready to rock! Get Satisfaction communities can now be created in seven new languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Swedish and Dutch.

    Want to know more? Contact us today to learn more about bringing a global audience to your community.

    Multiple language support

    See it in action: Check out how website host Yola is integrating their existing English community with new communities in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and German.

    Full press release on MarketWatch.

    Update: For some commenters and other writing in, multiple language support is one language per community. This is not translation of the actual community content. This changes the interface elements and language of the Get Satisfaction platform.

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    Wendy Lea

    About Wendy Lea

    Wendy Lea is the CEO of Get Satisfaction. Wendy currently serves as an angel investor, strategic advisor and board member for a long list of startup companies. Wendy chairs the board for women’s entrepreneur group Watermark and serves on the board of Silicon Valley Social Venture Capital (SV2.org) and Corporate Visions. She has been recognized as a Top 100 Woman of Influence in Silicon Valley and was awarded the Watermark’s “Woman Who Made Her Mark” award.


    1. nice it is for duch I am from holland so i wil tray it thanks

    2. That’s a nice improvement. I happen to be dutch. I just wondered, are there really dutch people, or people who speak dutch? or do you just use a translation program?

      Kind Regards

    3. Misleading. The screenshots imply that I can have a multi-language community, whereas you appear to require a language for each community.

      Can’t even FIND a link to “change languages” on Yola.

      • Hi there – you’re right, our communities are now available in 8 languages, but you can only use one language per community. If you have any questions, feel free to post in our community: getsatisfaction.com/getsatisfaction

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