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  • In Good Standing: Corporations With the Best Reputations

    Despite bitter lawsuits and a slumping economy, Americans are slowly regaining trust in big brands. The 2011 Harris Interactive Reputation Quotient Study measured the perception of corporate reputations based on factors varying from social responsibility to workplace environment, and discovered that there are select few names that successfully understand true needs and desires – from the inside out.

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    Azita M

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    Data-driven marketing executive with strong product marketing background. Proven track record in creating compelling brands, defining go-to-market strategies, and significantly increasing brand awareness and PR Buzz.


    1. Thanks for this post this is really amazing to know top 10 reputable companies over world..

    2. Its a positive change that most of the Americans are now gaining trust in big brands.The factors have now changed and it leads to a good sign for the business and big brands. The big corporates are in good position and should have to be with positive growth.

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