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    Overarching responsibility for Product & Solution Marketing, Partner Marketing, and Demand Generation across all products and services, including next generation IAM platform.


    1. The employee is at the center of the technology, but in this iteration, the employee has the luxury of free will to contribute to the company’s success in a variety of ways without being boxed into a prescribed business process or function. Only enterprise social software has been able deliver this benefit on a large scale. Plus, results are compounded by the network effects.

      I agree with you too on introducing the customer more directly into the equation. Saw a startup (is it competitive with GS?) that was recently launched to connect customers with experts when customer support has broken down for them. http://www.insidr.com/ Very interesting opportunities to fix what has been broken with traditional CRM and customer support for a long time. Exciting times.

    2. Jeff Nolan

      Hi Susan,
      I checked out Insidr, that’s an interesting concept… reminds me of FastCustomer. I asked a question, interested to see how quickly/completely I get a response.

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