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    Back to Basics: 6 Steps for Excellent Customer Engagement

    Back in October, I had the pleasure of interviewing Get Satisfaction’s CEO, Wendy Lea, for my blog (True customer engagement is not based on click throughs or contests), where we talk a lot about the changing nature of business, social technologies, customer engagement, and what it means nowadays to build sustainable and loyal relationships with...
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    Leveraging the Voice of Your Customer to Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy

    We all know the challenges marketers face in creating engaging content that not only captures the attention of prospects, but also delivers value to existing customers.  We also know from recent studies that social savvy consumers look to their peers to learn about new products and services. Recommendations from peers—as opposed to those from brand...
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    Community Implementation: Speed vs. Detail

    I love going to weddings: you celebrate the newlyweds, see old friends, meet new people, and I get to wear one of my nice suits. I love my suits—I am particularly fond of the color of the stitches: Rosso Ferrari. A few years ago, my wife and I were invited to a wedding in Los...
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    Using Social Media to Motivate Employees and Build a Community

    More and more, businesses are incorporating social media into their marketing strategies. With real-time conversations and a broad audience to reach out to, companies of all sizes are seeing the value in engaging with consumers across various social media networks. Just because you have a community or social media manger doesn’t mean you have to...
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    From CRM to CXM: Walking the Customer Journey

    Paul Greenberg recently wrote about the phenomena of companies declaring themselves to be focused on customer experience, and graciously giving them the opportunity to put up or shut up. Get Satisfaction was referenced in the esteemed list of companies who are at the forefront of this trend and I am here today to take care...
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    Using Community to Drive Revenue and Product Innovation: The Mindflash Story

    Mindflash is one of the leading providers of online training software, offering a web platform for companies to share knowledge and train employees easily. Mindflash manages all of the testing, content management, course management, and reporting, so companies are free to focus on developing their employees. Their customers include Elance and Autodesk. Watch these videos...
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