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  • The 2012 ‘Love Your Customers’ Awards #smw

    After last month’s Community Manager Appreciation Day party and the release of our insights survey, we decided to keep the celebration going – and just in time for Valentine’s Day (and Social Media Week)! Presenting:


    The Love Your Customers awards celebrate daring feats of customer empowerment and support, the awards recognize companies and individuals for ongoing excellence in social support, marketing and general community awesomeness.

    We combed through our 64,000 communities, seeking out the most shining examples of caring community managers and delighted customers. The following companies made the final cut:

    Beyonce dances Single LadiesThe Put a Ring on It Award: StumbleUpon

    StumbleUponHere’s an award that ought to put you in the Valentine’s Day spirit! We all love our customers, but StumbleUpon loves them so much, they helped one user orchestrate an elaborate marriage proposal to his girlfriend – both are huge StumbleUpon fans and often “stumble” together. He contacted the company, and asked them to rig his girlfriend’s account so that it would recommend his proposal site at an exact time. Luckily, StumbleUpon said “Yes!”… and so did his girlfriend! Check out the StumbleUpon community (they also use our Facebook app) or read more about the marriage proposal on Mashable.

    MuppetsThe “It Takes a Village” Award: Pampers

    PampersThe moms in Pampers’ community display an honesty, candor and personal voice that show they consider it a “safe space” for discussion. Pampers’ community managers are moms going through the same rites of passage as parents in the community. Whether it’s helping babies sleep through the night or answering those all-important potty-training questions, new and expectant parents can find the help and support they need. Check out the Pampers community on Get Satisfaction (they also use our  Get Satisfaction for Facebook app).

    Flying birdsThe Lead by Example Award: Carmex – Paul Woelbing, President of Carma Labs

    When Carma Labs was founded by Alfred Woelbing in the 1930s, he knew the importance of good customer service. For years, Alfred made a point of answering each one of his customer’s letters by hand. Seventy-five years later, his grandson and current President Paul Woelbing carries on the small business tradition by responding to every customer as well – inside Carmex’s Get Satisfaction community. See Paul’s ‘love letters’ to his customers in the Carmex community.

    Gumball machineThe Instant Gratification Award: IZEA

    IZEAIZEA connects social media publishers with advertisers, allowing them to monetize their social sharing activities. IZEA’s Get Satisfaction community is home to more than 11,000 publishers who use the service. When they need a quick resolution, IZEA publishers head straight to Get Satisfaction, where a 4 year-old, indexed knowledge base lets them find the answer to virtually any question, extremely quickly, all on their own. Go to the IZEA community and see how they provide instant support to their publishers.

    Bill and TedThe Flippin’ Awesome Mobile Support Award: Flipboard

    FlipboardFlipboard users are mobile: they “flip” using iPhones and iPads. All too often, in-app support is limited to an e-mail contact form, or a link that plops users into a web browser. Flipboard knew it needed to come up with a way to integrate support into the in-app browsing experience. The result is direct access to all their user guides, a bustling community, and finally, a last resort contact form. Combined, this adds up to quick resolution time, and more time spent inside the app! Go to the Flipboard community and see how they rock mobile support (on Facebook, too).

    Richard SimmonsThe Richard Simmons Award for Unwavering Motivational Support and Cheerleading Excellence: MapMyFitness

    MapMyFitnessMapMyFitness customers are passionate about improving their health and getting into shape, but even the most dedicated need an extra push now and then. MapMyFitness’ support team knows that every customer interaction is a chance to inspire one of their customers to take an extra step or ride an extra mile. That’s why they go the extra mile, too, answering every question, no matter how detailed or specific to one customer’s needs. Check out the MapMyFitness community.


    FanThe Uber Fan Award for Best Customer Champions Ever-Ever: OMGPOP

    OMGPOPQ: How do you manage a 25,000 member community and still make sure all questions are answered and voices heard?

    A: By cultivating customer champions! OMGPOP has a great group of vocal brand ambassadors who are passionate about the gaming platform. Customer Champions help newbies and other users with problems and questions, just like OMGPOP employees. They must be onto something: since launching a customer community, the OMGPOP team has seen an 80% decrease in daily support requests! Check out the OMGPOP community (they also use the Get Satisfaction for Facebook app).

    Pepe Le PewThe International Language of Love Award: Yola

    YolaYola helps businesses around the globe build professional web sites in any language. It’s only natural, then, that Yola’s customers often need support in their native tongues. The Yola team knew that using automated translation wouldn’t produce the same tone and level of engagement as having a live company representative manage the conversation. Instead, Yola invested in 6 different communities in French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian and English; each is managed by a fluent speaker, taking into account local customs, colloquials and cultural sensitivity. That’s going the extra mile in our book. Yola, je t’aime! See the Yola communities in action in English (on Facebook too), French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian.

    RingleaderThe Ringmaster of the Year Award: Mozilla Messaging, Roland Tanglao and TeamMozilla Messaging

    Roland Tanglao is no ordinary community lead: in addition to taming a community of 133,000 customers with grace, he’s passionate about helping other community managers succeed, so you’ll often find him whipping them into shape and offering advice in Get Satisfaction’s own support community. You might also notice some fancy circus tricks about: that’s because Roland uses the Get Satisfaction API to build his own custom features based on the Thunderbird team’s needs. And, since we all know you can’t stand between a man and his e-mail, Roland is always there ready to help. Talk about multitasking! Check out the Mozilla Messaging community. and be sure to follow Roland on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

    Tom Cruise in Mission ImpossibleThe Grace Under Fire Award: AMC Theatres

    AMCMost brands aren’t prepared to respond in the event of a social media crisis. When the moment strikes, being slow to respond to an online situation can mean the difference between controlled chaos and utter pandemonium. That’s why AMC Theatres’ social media team is ready.

    In one instance, a ticket price increase sent customers online to complain in droves — social media manager Ryan Noonan immediately leapt into action and created a home base for the conversation to contain (and soothe) the backlash. He directed anyone looking for information to AMC’s Get Satisfaction community, where he posted the company’s official statement, and continued to respond to individuals in the thread. As more people joined the conversation, AMC made sure every one had a chance to feel heard.

    As a result, the company was able to turn negative sentiment around — and while ticket prices didn’t change, dozens of customers in the thread helped spread AMC’s response via blogs and social channels, allowing AMC to reach customers well beyond the community “walls.”” Go to the AMC community…

    HandsThe All Hands Award for Employee Engagement: Box

    BoxBox has something for everyone, from personal cloud storage for your music collection to full-scale enterprise solutions. They also have someone for everyone: more than 100 Box employees are active in their customer community, lending expertise from across the company, empowering any employee to be a spokesperson. It’s clear the team at Box plays by the first rule of social business: that people want to connect with other people, not businesses. Go to the Box community…

    Mum at a floristThe Mum’s The Word Award: Kiddicare

    KiddicareMoms — or mums, as the UK-based Kiddicare refers to its customers — are busy and they need to squeeze their shopping into any available bit of time they can find. Kiddicare’s mobile site enabled them to do just that – fit their purchases in first thing in the morning, at the playground, on their commute home, or any time that suited their schedule. To get it just right, Kiddicare, the UK’s largest online retailer of baby gear, used their Get Satisfaction community to ask mums what they wanted out of a mobile site and the on-the-go shopping experience. Today, 11% of their daily site traffic comes from mobile devices — that’s a lot of mums and dads on the go! That’s not all: Kiddicare reports that they’ve been able to cut inbound support requests via email down by 30%, and simultaneously raised First Call Resolution from 60% to a whopping 98%! See the Kiddicare community in action….

    And finally, without further ado, the one for all the marbles:

    Mint.comThe Lifetime Achievement Award for Exceptional Customer Support: Intuit’s Mint.com

    MintWhen you’re dealing with sensitive financial information, it’s crucial that your customers know you can be trusted. Mint.com embraced the trust-building power of community early on, and continues to reinforce trust by resolving problems quickly and genuinely engaging with customers, going so far as implementing multiple product changes based on their feedback. We’re not the only ones who’ve taken notice: last year, Mint.com received a Groundswell Award from Forrester for their social support initiatives! Go check out the Mint.com community…

    Congratulations to all the winners! Go tell them how much you love them; it’s Valentine’s Day!

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