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  • Zynga Draw Something Releases New Features Based on Customer Feedback

    Zynga’s hyper-popular Draw Something added 3 new features today, all of them much requested by their customers. How do we know that they are highly requested, you ask?

    All 3 features were identified and voted on by customers in the Get Satisfaction Draw Something community, which is now serving more than 100,000 dedicated community members and over 25 million pageviews this year thanks to the power of search referral and social network sharing:

    Raising the 99 cap limit

    Communicating between players

    Pull down to refresh

    Using Get Satisfaction for curating product ideas in your community works and what this means is that you will be able to build better products faster by connecting with your most engaged customers first.

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    1. Zynga is one of the best site that push the animated games.

      All of their games I really love!!!

      and this is very great to have this kind of connection on community with get satisfaction…

      I hope everything will be fine.

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