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    Social Business: Unpacking The Value, One Study At A Time

    There is a contradiction you hear often in this new era of social media: “Yes, of course we have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, and Scribd account. No, we’re still not really sure if we’re seeing results.” That’s why we love the recent infographic by Social Business News, which addresses this very subject. Forty-nine percent...
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    Why Facebook Just Doesn’t Cut It

    Social networks have been hailed by many enthusiastic social media marketers as the holy grail of customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth. But there is a gap between how consumers want to engage with companies on social media, and how those companies are using these social networks. Consumers need more than just a platform where...
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    Salesforce.com Social Enterprise Showcase

    Get Satisfaction is privileged to be included in Salesforce.com’s newly launched Social Enterprise Showcase on AppExchange, where customers can find the next generation of social, open, and mobile applications for their business. Salesforce.com is a strategic partner for Get Satisfaction and represents an investment we have made across the entire company, from product engineering to...
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    Community Engagement Is Core To Social Business Strategy

    This week, Salesforce announced a new collaboration service that blew up CRM and technology news outlets alike.  The service is an extension of Chatter, Salesforce’s enterprise social network for collaboration. These Chatter Communities make it possible to bring partners and customers into the conversation by extending Chatter beyond a company’s walls. You might be thinking,...
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    Driving Revenue from Social: Make Your Website More Social!

    If you’ve been following the buzz in recent years surrounding social media, odds are you’re starting to get a bit of whiplash from the on-again, off-again love affair marketers have been having with social networks. The new consumer research released by The Incyte Group has gotten some serious attention in the social media space recently,...
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