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  • Why Facebook Just Doesn’t Cut It

    Social networks have been hailed by many enthusiastic social media marketers as the holy grail of customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth. But there is a gap between how consumers want to engage with companies on social media, and how those companies are using these social networks.

    Consumers need more than just a platform where they passively “like” or “follow” brands. Many seek a more trusted, deeper customer experience—one that encourages greater interaction and makes accurate, trusted information easy to find.

    Enter the branded community built exclusively for customers….


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    Hanna Johnson

    About Hanna Johnson

    Hanna is the Marketing Manager for Get Satisfaction. She spends her days connecting, educating, and inspiring curiosity in customers online and off. When she's not in the Satisfactory, she's likely on the move, seeking out new sights, flavors, and sounds. She blogs at TheRoadsToRoam.com.


    1. The main issue with facebook and most other social networks is that people go ther for fun and find comercials annoying.

      • Hanna J

        Hi Nadia – We agree! And that’s what the research pointed out as well. People turn to social networks for personal connections. When they want to make a purchase, they turn to company websites. Thanks for sharing!

    2. The stats make an interesting read. Can I ask, how you would define a branded community? Do you have any good examples?

      • Hanna J

        Hi Nicola – A branded community is a customer community, curated and managed by your company, which facilitates conversations about your product or service throughout the customer lifecycle — when they first come in contact with you, to when they’re considering making a purchase, to when they’ve been a loyal customer for years (which is, after all, the whole point, right?).

        Kiddicare is a great example of a company using a branded community to support their customers while leveraging their feedback for product innovation and marketing purposes. They’ve also implemented our Engage widgets throughout their site and on their product pages, so potential customers can ask questions of the community without leaving the page (and interrupting the e-commerce cycle).

        Check out their community, then let us know if you have any more questions: http://community.kiddicare.com/kiddicare?from_gsfn=true


    3. As per my thoughts, most companies are used social networking site for there add / marketing.

      • Hanna J

        Hi Rajeshkumar – You’re right. Many marketers feel like they need to have a presence on social networks, but many of them don’t know how to monetize that presence. The research shows that for many consumers an online community is the missing link to turn your followers into loyal customers. Let us know if you have any more questions, and we’ll send you the white paper with more information. Thanks!

    4. Very informative. fb has pages where companies can leave info + connect, but nothing is better than going directly to a companies website for accurate and quick info.

      • Hanna J

        Hi DD – That’s exactly what the research proves. Thanks for sharing your input! Check back in soon for the latest in social media marketing news. Thanks!

    5. That’s really tihkning at a high level

      • Hanna J

        Thanks Marcileide! We’re really trying to make sense of social media, the way customers are using it, and how companies can leverage it. Check back in for the latest. Thanks!

    6. I mostly use twitter and crokes ( http://crokes.com ) i find them best social networks of world. Fb is not so good anymore.

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