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    Get Satisfaction In The Mobile Landscape

    The number of users who access the Web using smartphones has nearly doubled each year since 2009. By 2015, more than one-third of all US Internet users will have a tablet device. In the US, 25% of mobile Web users access the Internet only through their mobile devices. In many developing nations, the percentage is...
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    Riding The Social Wave To Achieve Quantifiable Results: My Take on DF12

    The first Dreamforce I attended was in 2004, and it’s amazing how much the landscape has changed since then! The conversation is no longer just about “Social” as a coverall buzzword; now Benioff and other great presenters at DF12 are talking about how to use social technologies in multiple departments to achieve specific goals using...
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    Introducing Advanced Analytics and Key Community Enhancements

    We’re pretty excited around here about the announcement we made this morning regarding the heavy duty enhancements we’ve introduced to the Get Satisfaction platform.  We’ve beefed up our analytic capabilities to help companies more effectively understand and respond to customer intent in order to drive business results. Now companies can take the insights they gain...
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    Congratulations to HootSuite and Seesmic

    We were excited to learn that HootSuite had acquired Seesmic. As it happens, we have relationships with both companies, and HootSuite is a strategic partner for us, forming the core of our strategy for aggregating and integrating multiple social activity streams with Get Satisfaction. Seesmic is a company we have long interacted with (and coincidentally...
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