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  • The Impact of Mobile on our Corporate Strategy

    Get Satisfaction Anywhere represents our pursuit to bring the power of relevant social conversations to any online touch point, and mobile touch points are an integral part of that vision. Consistent with this vision, we see Get Satisfaction as

    • A highly connected and flexible platform, which is:
      • Enabling valuable conversations between consumers and businesses of all types and sizes
      • Integrating and extending social media connections
      • Aware of and in support of the entire customer lifecycle
    • Upon which we build solutions that enable:
      • Communities for creating valuable customer engagement
      • Marketing solutions for customer acquisition
      • Data products for understanding consumer intent, behavior, and sentiment
    • And are as relevant in the mobile world as on the desktop

    Mobility plays a role in each of these statements—in the platform we are building, in the solutions we enable, and in the data from which we can derive meaning.

    An important part of our strategy centers on the value of the conversations that happen in Get Satisfaction communities and our ability to provide insight and leverageable content for our customers based on those conversations. The mobile dimension augments that value because of additional metadata associated with content contributed from mobile devices. Mobile activities—eCommerce, point-of-sale research, in-app product feedback and support—further extend the nature of the conversations in our communities, and therefore the potential value we can extract from them.

    At Get Satisfaction, we see ourselves as a second-generation mobile company. The first generation of mobile companies focused exclusively on applications and services that only made sense in a mobile context. But we see mobility as a central part of all computing activities, and so we believe any company delivering software as a service to businesses and consumers must do so with mobility in mind. It is central to virtually all aspects of our business to accommodate a population of users—consumers and business users—who move between smart phones, tablets and desktop computers effortlessly, and expect the services they access to be equally effective in all of these environments.

    Stay tuned. There will be much more to come in the Mobile Frontier, and we’re excited to be paving the way.

    **This post is the final in the Mobile Manifesto Series. Read the previous post, The Impact of Mobile on our Product Offerings, or go back to the beginning to read the first post in the series, Get Satisfaction in the Mobile Landscape.

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    David Rowley

    About David Rowley

    As CTO of Get Satisfaction, David is responsible for the technical and product direction and manages the teams that define, build, test and operate the company's family of highly scalable SaaS products.


    1. Hi,
      Thanks a lot for this post! I totally agree with you on the points you have discussed about the impact of mobile in the corporate world. I am sure many readers will get useful information from your post.

      • David Rowley

        Hi David, thanks for your comment! We feel strongly that mobile is central to online user experience in general, and certainly germane to Get Satisfaction. It will be an important part of virtually all new products we build. We’re excited about where the mobile frontier takes the industry and our product, and we’ll continue to post about new developments. We hope to see you back here at the Social Studies Blog soon! ~David

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