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  • Using Community to Drive Revenue and Product Innovation: The Mindflash Story

    Mindflash is one of the leading providers of online training software, offering a web platform for companies to share knowledge and train employees easily. Mindflash manages all of the testing, content management, course management, and reporting, so companies are free to focus on developing their employees. Their customers include Elance and Autodesk.

    Watch these videos featuring Mindflash VP of Operations and Partnerships, Jason MacMurray, and Senior Account Manager Brian Kuepper to learn how they use Get Satisfaction to accomplish their goals:


    Mindflash was interested in gathering continuous product feedback throughout the customer lifecycle. The company was also looking for a more efficient way to handle the volume of customer service inquiries with a limited amount of resources.

    Why Get Satisfaction?

    Get Satisfaction was highly aligned with other means of collecting information from Mindflash customers. “We really enjoyed the ‘ideas’ feature that allows customers to vote and provide feedback on what we should build into the product,” said Jason MacMurray, VP of Operations and Partnerships.

    Business Benefits

    Mindflash put Get Satisfaction into place in 2008 and has reaped the benefits ever since. Now, whether it’s a Mindflash developer, someone from the Q&A team, or the CEO, Mindflash employees can easily access real time feedback and answer questions in the Get Satisfaction community. And Get Satisfaction allows Mindflash to connect current paying customers with prospective customers to drive revenue.

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