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  • Capture the Attention of a Bargain-Hunting Mama

    Can You Capture the attention of a bargain-hunting mama?She’s got deals on the brain, is highly connected with her network online, and is always on the go chatting with women like her about your products and services. Who is she, you may be asking? The Bargain-Hunting Mama, of course!

    In the US, there are 20.5 million women age 35 to 44. Many of them are mothers in charge of the household shopping and other important family decisions. Because of this responsibility, they’re highly likely to join your customer community and connect with other Bargain-Hunting Mamas to educate themselves, share information and opinions, and discover the best value.

    The Bargain-Hunting Mama is one of four segments that The Incyte Group identified in our market research as having a high impact on business social strategies. She’s joining customer communities like those of Pampers, Kellogg’s, and Walmart to make the best, informed purchase decisions for her family. To learn how to identify and capture the attention of a Bargain-Hunting Mama, check out the infographic below.

    For more information on the Bargain-Hunting Mamas and the three other market segments likely to have a big impact on your social strategy, download the eBook: The Who’s Who of Consumer Segments.
    Can You Capture the attention of a bargain-hunting mama?

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