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  • A Community Manager’s Job is Never Done – #CMcartoon

    Community Managers are super heroes

    On January 28th, in honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD), we launched our cartoon series on the value of  the community manager.

    Today we unveil our second cartoon and will keep extending our appreciation for the next few weeks, with a new cartoon on our blog every Monday.

    So let’s take the time to thank the community managers within our organizations who help our customers every day and encourage better collaboration among our departments.  They are essentially the firemen of our organizations, putting out fires, addressing customer issues—and preventing new ones. They are matchmakers, caretakers, teachers and superheroes.

    A community manager’s job is never done, and we thank you for your dedication and commitment to your customers!

    This cartoon is the second in our #CMcartoon series. Tune in next week for the third post in the series, or check out last week’s cartoon.


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