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    Get Satisfaction Wins Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service

    Most of the time in the startup business, you’re working so hard to build and sell the best product for your customers, that you don’t necessarily take time to just take pride in your success. Sometimes, though, third-party recognition—whether in the form of a glowing customer comment or public accolades—makes you truly step back and...
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    For Community Success, Ditch the Barbed Wire — #CMcartoon

    It’s something we hear a lot in this business—“we know we need a customer community, but how do we make sure we’re managing every aspect, so nobody says or does anything….crazy/inappropriate/damaging (fill in your own fear words here) in there.” It’s an understandable reaction to a growing trend brought on by social—the loss of company...
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    Facebook Marketing: It’s “Complicated”…Or Is It?

    Ahhh Facebook marketing—one of my favorite “complicated” subjects of conversation. On the one hand, the great marketing gurus will tell you, you have to do it. If you don’t have a presence on Facebook, you’re losing out to your competition, plain and simple. On the other hand, the fact that increasing likes, fans, and followers...
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    Social Marketing, A How Not To Guide — #CMcartoon

    Remember The Gods Must Be Crazy, that 1980’s movie about African villagers whose world gets shaken up when a shiny, unbroken Coca-Cola bottle falls out of the sky? It reminds me of the way marketers reacted to social media when it first came on the scene as a way to reach out and connect with...
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    What Would You Do To Increase Customer Satisfaction 5%?

    “What if you just increased the percentage of consistently happy customers by 5%?” Christine Crandell posed to readers of a recent Forbes article. What would that mean for your business? The answer seems obvious. Your revenue, word-of-mouth reach, brand reputation, and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) would all increase exponentially. The way to achieve this increase,...
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    The ROI of Customer Relationships — #CMcartoon

    Developing good customer relationships has been a key piece of a successful business strategy since long before the days of Facebook, customer communities, and Tweet chats. Whether it’s the store you go back to because the clerk always throws in a little something extra, the beer you buy because your uncle works at the brewery,...
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