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  • Community (not a Mind Reader) is the Best Source of Customer Feedback — #CMcartoon

    Tom Fishburne Markettoons Get Satisfaction #CMcartoon series

    In the old days, before social media drove an enormous shift in the way we do business, product teams had to get creative in their quest to prioritize and drive innovation. Surveys, focus groups, market research, tarot cards, and prophets were all fair game as far as getting inside the minds of the customer.

    The good news is product teams can now retire their mind readers (sorry Ms. Cleo). Customer communities bring all of your customers in one place for dynamic conversations around your products and services, so getting their feedback is quick, easy, and organized.

    Get Satisfaction communities have a specific place for customers to submit ideas, making it easy for you to mine this valuable resource and update your customers about the status of their idea.  And because of the collaborative nature of community, it’s easy for you to see which ideas resonate with your customers by examining the topics with the most “me too’s.”

    You could still go to your neighborhood prophet to get inside the mind of your customers, but he’s likely to tell you the same thing—just check your customer community!

    Tune in next Tuesday for the next cartoon in our community management series!


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