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  • Social Marketing, A How Not To Guide — #CMcartoon

    social marketing cartoon

    Remember The Gods Must Be Crazy, that 1980’s movie about African villagers whose world gets shaken up when a shiny, unbroken Coca-Cola bottle falls out of the sky? It reminds me of the way marketers reacted to social media when it first came on the scene as a way to reach out and connect with unprecedentedly large audiences.

    What is this new toy? And how can we prove we’re savvy by using it? It was a mad dash to action (and to spending), without much appreciation for the way consumers want to connect with brands using social.

    Thankfully, this is starting to change. The second generation of social has emerged, and it’s brought with it a new set of strategies, insights, and tools that are helping companies build true, trust-based engagement with customers. But we’re still going to tease them about it until everyone gets it right.

    This cartoon is the 5th in our #CMcartoon series. Tune in next week for the next in the series, or check out last week’s cartoon here.


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