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    Updates To Our Privacy Policy

    Get Satisfaction launched in 2007 as a consumer website with a mission to create better relationships between companies and their customers. More than 5 years later, our mission has not changed.  We still help companies and customers collaborate to answer questions, solve problems, and share ideas.  However, we are no longer simply a consumer website....
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    Social + Community for Maximum Engagement [Webinar April 2nd]

    Hey guys! We’re hosting a webcast with Hootsuite & inMusic Brands next week, and it’s going to be a ton of fun! Join us to talk about how community and social media work together to amplify your brand and drive meaningful engagement and results. Hope you can make it! Register for the webinar April 2nd,...
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    Put The Strategy Back In Social Media Marketing

    Social media is growing up. It may not be a full-fledged, financially independent adult, but it is maturing. No longer can it be written off as a mere play thing for Millenials to use to connect with their friends or marketers to blindly throw money at in hopes that it advances their (poorly defined) goals....
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    Customer Communities: Yesteryear’s Forums Are All Grown Up

    There was a time in the not too distant past when you could show your customers how responsive, engaged, and “with the times” you were by providing them with a forum. These forums had drawbacks—they were hard to search and navigate, and often more resembled stream of consciousness rambling than structured conversation—but they were still...
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    Drowning in Survey Responses? (There’s a Better Way!) — #CMcartoon

    You have options when it comes to getting inside the minds of your customers. You can send a survey, hire a detective, ask a mind reader, etc. But if you’ve learned anything from the adoption of all things social, it’s that your customers are already out there having conversations about your brand, products, and services....
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    Get Satisfaction Customer Success Summit!

    Calling all community managers, thought leaders, and business stakeholders! We have exciting news around here—we’re hosting our very first customer conference! This conference has something for everyone interested in the business of community—whether you manage a branded customer community as a part of your day-to-day, you’re a super busy support or product manager, just beginning...
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