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  • Customer Communities Drive Cross-Departmental Value — #CMcartoon

    Get Satisfaction customer communities bring value to all departments in an organization.

    If you pay any attention at all to the business press, you’ve probably soaked in some advice about “smashing your business silos” for maximum productivity, innovation, and to meet the needs and expectations of the new “social customer.”

    Don’t go all Office Space on us just yet. Today’s social customer has disrupted business as usual—she wants to be in contact with the various departments of your organization whenever she wants, from anywhere she happens to be, and she expects a response to come from the appropriate department…quickly, no less. (No pressure!)

    The good news is that technologies and job functions have adapted along with this social customer to help your departments collaborate, communicate, and cooperate across business silos, all in a way that keep the social customer’s needs and expectations at the center of the conversation.

    Online communities the perfect place to bring your customers together with prospects and employees from across your company for collaborative conversations that bring quantifiable value to every department in your company. Learn more about how you can leverage a community at every stage in the customer lifecycle to reduce support costs, acquire more customers, and build better products!


    This post is the 7th in our #CMcartoon blog series. Check out last week’s here, and be sure to tune in next Tuesday for the 8th in the series.

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    1. I totally agree with you. The best way to learn is to listen to customers.

      • Hanna J

        Hi Peter, Absolutely! The conversations you have with your customers in your community drive value all across the company. Listening (and learning from what you hear) is key. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :).

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