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    Get Success with Community at our Customer Success Summit

    Being a brand that people love is all about making them feel like they’re a part of your brand story. That means including them in the conversations that guide your business, being responsive to their issues and feedback, and empowering them to speak out on your behalf. It was with that in mind that the...
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    Customer-Centric Companies Reap More Value

    Customer-centric companies have already discovered the wisdom of bringing the voice of their customers to the middle of product discussions, marketing messages, and sales strategies—and they’ve been reaping the benefits by building products their customers actually want to buy, using messages that resonate, and leveraging brand advocates to create support and marketing content. But today’s...
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    An Online Community is a Key Part of Enterprise SaaS Strategy

    One of the important features of Kenandy’s cloud ERP service is the ability to collaborate, so building a community as part of our service seemed the natural thing to do. We considered many different solutions, and Get Satisfaction was a great fit for a number of reasons including: It had all the features we wanted,...
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    Good Business Tools for Good Relationships

    At Get Satisfaction, we believe good relationships make good business. This philosophy is woven through the design of our product, is a core value for our team, and is foundational to our growth as a company. Our Company-Customer Pact (a document that has been guiding the company longer than I have!) says it best—“we, customers...
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    Not Your Typical Customer: Community Management Tips With HootSuite

    In today’s social age, it’s essential for companies to build strong online presences and communities surrounding their products or brand. After all, word of mouth on social media goes a long way, especially when it comes to establishing a positive reputation and building brand affinity. One of the benefits of an engaged community is that...
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    Creating a Champions Program

    From the day we started our Get Satisfaction community, champions were part of the plan. The Get Satisfaction platform has built in functionality for designating Champions – it’s easy to appoint a champ, give them some responsibilities, and moderation tools. And the value is huge. Champs can lighten the load on your support team by...
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