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    Get Satisfaction Community Manager Tip of the Week: Avoid Burnout

    Community Manager is still a relatively new title, and the role varies from company to company. While the daily tasks and requirements of this position are starting to get more specific, we can be left to pick up the loose odds and ends when there aren’t enough hands to go around. This might mean anything...
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    The State of Community Management: Tangible Value!

    The Community Roundtable released their 2013 State of Community Management report last week, shedding insight and placing the spotlight on community managers everywhere. The report in its entirety is worth reviewing, but what really got us excited was how many companies are now able to measure the value of community. Not only are more businesses than ever...
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    Get Satisfaction Community Manager Tip of the Week: Don’t be Afraid to be Human!

      One of the main goals of a Community Manager is to keep it real with their customers. But sometimes even seasoned community managers unintentionally throw in a little corporate jargon. It’s ok…it happens to the best of us! The important part is to learn how to recognize when this happens and then go back...
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    Breaking Out of the Mobile Binary

    Mobility is no longer a dichotomous question of Android vs IOS. Rather, mobility has evolved along with your customers into a much broader category comprised of more channels and more entry points. Today’s customers are likely to begin a conversation with you on their phones as they search for helpful information on their way to work. They might...
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    Five Secrets To Providing Customer Service that Kicks Butt

    Sometimes I unfortunately think of customer service as a dying art form. I recently had a conversation with a friend who was surprised that a coffee barista genuinely asked him how his day was. Clearly, poor customer service is all too common today. Here at LKR, we strive to be the complete opposite of this...
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    The Customer-Company Revolution Started a Long Time Ago

    Over the last five years, we’ve written a lot about the importance of creating a customer-centric business. Why? Because customer collaboration leads to good things like a stronger brand, better products, and (the holy grail of marketing in the social age) happier customers. Nowadays, it seems that more and more software vendors (*cough* Salesforce.com *cough*)...
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