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  • Introducing Get Satisfaction Labs For Developers & Community Managers

    Today we’re launching Get Satisfaction Labs, a playground for developers and community managers.

    Get Satisfaction Labs for developers and community managers

    Labs is a Developer’s Playground!

    Get Satisfaction has an open API, so there’s a lot developers can build on top of our platform. With GS Labs, we’ve consolidated all the great apps that developers out there in the wild have built to extend Get Satisfaction communities. So this is not the typical Labs portal, where a company showcases its new beta products; this portal is for developers external to the Get Satisfaction team to showcase their work.

    Some of the apps in Labs may come from Get Satisfaction engineers, but they’re just hack day fun and are in no way driven by our roadmap. So here’s something to remember: Labs is hosted by Get Satisfaction, but none of the apps are tested by us, and therefore they may break without notice, therefore use them at your own risk!

    The whole source code for the Get Satisfaction Labs site is in an open repository on GitHub, and you’re free to reuse it for whatever use you like. But most importantly, if you’ve developed an app that you want us to add to Labs, let us know!

    Disclaimers aside, there’s great stuff here. Our API provides parity with our web app from a user’s perspective: you can read/post topics, retrieve data on other users, communities, etc. All that the Get Satisfaction API supports is described on the GS Labs site, and, as you can see, it’s pretty comprehensive.

    Labs is a Community Manager’s Playground!

    We’re starting with a small set of apps. If you’re a community manager / moderator, you’ll find the Members Explorer useful. You can browse through the visitors, contributors, and employees of your community, and take certain actions (like deleting their SSO membership). If you’re implementing Fastpass for your company, and would like to play with a simulator before you write the code in your app/website, you can use the Fastpass Simulator.

    Lastly, no Get Satisfaction initiative makes sense without feedback. So we placed a Feedback Tab widget for you to engage with each other, and with us. Please ask questions, share ideas, and let us know how you like it!

    We can’t wait to add more apps to Labs for all you community managers to play with!


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