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  • Breaking Out of the Mobile Binary

    Mobility is no longer a dichotomous question of Android vs IOS. Rather, mobility has evolved along with your customers into a much broader category comprised of more channels and more entry points.

    Today’s customers are likely to begin a conversation with you on their phones as they search for helpful information on their way to work. They might check back in to follow up with the conversation on their desktops at the office, and once again from their tablet when they’re home watching TV on the couch. It’s no longer enough to have a standard website—it’s not even enough to be mobile optimized any more. Think about all those screens you’re leaving out!

    If your site isn’t optimized for multiple screen sizes and search, you’re not providing your customers with a seamless customer experience that they’ve come to expect.  And you’re certainly not capturing their attention at the moment they start looking around for a solution you provide. The infographic explains:

    Mobility, responsive design, SEO, CX infogrpahic

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    Hanna Johnson

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    1. Hey Hanna!

      This is Katie from Heyo! We really liked your infographic and would love to feature it in our blog (blog.heyo.com) We are DIY mobile and facebook tab builder, so this infographic is very relevant to our audience! With your permission, we would repost the infographic with a bio about yourself and the original link. If you are interested, please email me at katmc49@vt.edu. Thank you!


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